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In My Kitchen…

If you are just starting the transition from store bought, processed foods to whole foods and cooking from scratch, don’t be overwhelmed by the list of equipment or the cost.  I didn’t start with all of these tools, but slowly acquired them over the years.  I am probably one of the few women who told their husband, and in fact in some cases pleaded with him, to buy me a kitchen appliance for my birthday, Valentine’s day or Christmas.  Personally, I think the old saying should be “A Vita-Mix is a girl’s best friend”.  As my husband likes to paraphrase from Toy Story, “You’re a sad, strange little woman.”

Be that as it may, I have slowly retired my inventory of inexpensive, disposable appliances from the local discount super-store and replaced them with stronger, higher quality and more durable (and yes, more expensive) tools.   In case you are wondering…yes, they really do make a big difference.  For example, a Vita-Mix blender is about three times as powerful as a typical retail kitchen blender.

Always use the right tool for the job…here are mine:

Vita-Mix Blender

Bosch Universal Mixer/Kitchen Machine

K-Tec Grain Grinder

Nutrimill Grain Grinder (replacing my K-Tec)

Cuisinart Food Processor

Excalibur Food Dehydrator

Omega Juicer

Saladacco Slicer – Coming Soon!

GE One-Touch Coffee Grinder (not for coffee)

Cuisinart coffee maker and Barista espresso machine:  Okay, these really just feed my coffee and mocha addictions…but I do use raw milk and cream, organic sugar or stevia, and my own homemade chocolate/cocoa.