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My sourdough croaked again!

So frustrating!!!  I made two batches of sourdough english muffins and two loaves of sourdough bread and that was the end of my starter!  I tried making another starter and it never took.  Soooo, I’m going to get rye grain when I go to Central Market next week to give it another shot.  I wonder if it is because my house is cooler now.  I tried putting the starter on a plant starter pad, but I think that was too hot.  Another problem I have is that there is something fermenting in every corner of my kitchen and it is hard to keep them separated by more than a few feet.  I wonder if that could have any effect.  Well, back to the ol’ drawing board!!!


Sourdough bread, here I come!!

Finally, after two months of trying, I have a sourdough starter that is going to work…I think.  😮 I have to give it several more days of feedings before I start cooking with it. If all goes well, I will be making sourdough English muffins before long. Sourdough will neutralize the phytic acid in the grains and release the nutrients to make them easier to absorb. I will let you know how things progress!

Homemade Bread

I started making bread about seven years ago.  At first, I was using my VitaMix as my grain grinder and had a Zojirushi bread machine.  While the VitaMix didn’t grind very fine, the bread still came out okay.  The Zo bread machine worked well, but only made one loaf at a time which took about an hour and a half and would get eaten almost immediately!  I tried making two loaves at a time in my Kitchen Aid mixer with only satisfactory results.  We could eat the bread, but it wasn’t what I was wanting.  I was wanting something that didn’t taste like “wheat” bread.  

When I read that grinding wheat in the VitaMix overheats the grain so that it loses some of its nutrients, I decided to go ahead and purchase a grain mill.  After much discussion with my husband, we decided to invest in a mixer (that would knead several loaves of bread) at the same time.  

I ended up with the Kitchen Mill grinder and the Bosch Universal Mixer.  I sold my Kitchen Aid mixer and Zo bread machine to help offset the cost.   The grinder made a huge difference in the flour.  It was very fine and made a much softer loaf of bread.  Using the Bosch, I was able to make five to six loaves of bread in the amount of time it took to make one loaf in the bread machine.  This bread was made with all whole grains and tasted wonderful!! 

I’ve since tried to vary the grains I use and occasionally will throw in some “extras”, but the basics stay pretty much the same.  What I usually make out of one batch of dough now is three or four loaves of bread, rolls, tortillas, and a couple pizza crusts.  I will also occasionally make cinnamon rolls or something sweet.

I’ve been reading a lot about soaking the grains before making bread and I honestly haven’t had a lot of luck.  I’m still working on it, but in the mean time I know that the bread I am making now is nutritionally superiour to anything I can get at the store!