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Getting ready to fight off winter colds!!

I’m making an elderberry syrup and an immune booster herbal tincture to get ready for all the winter germs coming our way!  My 4-year-old caught a cold last week and was kind enough to share with me.  Fortunately, we had a bottle of Trilight Herbs Scout Out and we were able to kick it pretty quick.  Asa took about three days to get over his cold and I was better in just a couple days.  I know several people who had this turn into bronchitis.  I’m so thankful for all these amazing healing herbs that God gave us!!!  This week served as a great wake up call to get ready for winter!!  Are you ready?!


My sourdough croaked again!

So frustrating!!!  I made two batches of sourdough english muffins and two loaves of sourdough bread and that was the end of my starter!  I tried making another starter and it never took.  Soooo, I’m going to get rye grain when I go to Central Market next week to give it another shot.  I wonder if it is because my house is cooler now.  I tried putting the starter on a plant starter pad, but I think that was too hot.  Another problem I have is that there is something fermenting in every corner of my kitchen and it is hard to keep them separated by more than a few feet.  I wonder if that could have any effect.  Well, back to the ol’ drawing board!!!